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Xtreme Kicks Martial Arts is a local martial arts studio serving students in the Orlando area. Here, individuals and families can learn martial arts & fitness and enjoy the experience while making the commitment to learn and improve self -esteem, concentration, discipline, and self control. As students advance in rank from white to black belt, they will gain valuable knowledge and experience that will last a lifetime. Contact us today for more information! 


 Basic Phase - The Basic Phase is for children and adults of all ages. Students in this program will receive instruction two times weekly. Students will learn the basics to Taekwondo, including basic stances, punches, kick forms, beginner weapons training and sparring.

Black Belt Phase I and II - The Black Belt Phase is for children and adults of all ages. Students in this program will receive instruction two times weekly. Students will learn advanced punching, kicking combinations and advanced forms. This program also features advanced weapons training and sparring.

Master's Phase - The Master's Phase is for students who have achieved their black belts and wish to continue their training towards advanced degrees. Students in this program will receive unlimited weekly instruction.

Xtreme Kicks Performance Team - The Xtreme Kicks Performance Team is a by invitation only program. Students who have excelled in class, show positive leadership skills, are highly motivated and show a passion for the art will be invited to participate in this program. Students must maintain above average academics at school and have appropriate behavior in all places outside the studio.

After-School Pick Up Program - Xtreme Kicks Martial Arts after-school care is the ultimate alternative to after-school child care. Xtreme Kicks Martial Arts offers FREE PICK UP from local elementary and/or middle schools in the area. At XKMA your child will have an opportunity to work on homework, take martial arts classes and play structured games/activities. Contact XKMA now to see if we are available to pick up at your child's school.

Summer/Spring Break/Holiday/Teacher Work Day Camps - Want to make sure the kids stay active when school is out? Don't know where to take the kids during the breaks from school? Xtreme Kicks Martial Arts offers weekly and daily camps on all school breaks. During the camps, XKMA campers will participate in martial arts and tumbling classes, structured games/activities, and field trips. Contact XKMA for more information. 



  • "Amazing staff!!"Cheryl Perez
  • "My son loved..great job guys"Aurea Marrero
  • "Amazing classes and very professional and respectful environment."Cesia Crespo
  • "Excelente Vibracion. Tremendo Profesor"Nelly Nelly
  • "Love it. Teaches respect, discipline and teaches kids to focus."Kalea De La Cruz
  • "Awesome classes and great instructors. Really great workout!"Laura J Levine-Cavallo
  • "Excellent place for kids and family!!"Bushikan Karate Team
  • "The best Karate School in Orlando."Juan Burgos
  • "Solid Structure...Fun environment. .good people.."Sara Kainulainen Perez
  • "Great instructors and they are awesome people, very nice and patient, they really help beginners out!"Susan Holtum
  • "The best martial arts school in Orlando. I recommended to all ages, it is great!!"Robert Douglas
  • "It's a full body workout. I always walk out of class drenched but feeling so relaxed and feeling like I really accomplished something."Chris Smith
  • "Never had so much fun while getting in shape!!!Excellent location ...plenty of parking and the instructors r great!!!"Reynaldo Díaz
  • "My Child Loves The Employees Mr. Ramon Is Great They Care About Your Family. Would Recommend To Every Body. Very Reasonable."Adriana Jimenez
  • "Love doing kickboxing at this gym. The classes are really high energy and the facility is very clean!"John Jackson
  • "Absolutely love the classes. It's fun but yet very challenging! Najib is awesome and pushes us to do our best. Love getting healthier with you guys! Thanks so much!"Rose Razack
  • "Master De La Cruz is an OUSTANDING martial artist and dedicated to his students and their character growth as well as the martial arts. One of the finest instructors available."Mary Beth Klock-Perez
  • "Xtreme Kicks helped my son come out of his shell and give him confidence. I witnessed him learn skills to help him mentally and physcally. Instructors are great with the kids. very trustworthy, family operated."Heidi Hudakoz
  • "This school is great! My son has been taking classes for four months with the instructor/owner Mr. Ramon. Good core family values taught here. Thank you Xtreme Kicks!"Nayah Johnson
  • "Mr. Ramon is an extraordinary martial arts instructor! Because of his teaching,my son began demonstrating better listening skills and more responsibility in school work"Vanessa Roberts Huber
  • "My daughter has made so many improvements in the last year..her confidence has built so much and she has a great support system with Mr. Ramon, his wife Mrs. Jessica and with Mr. Najib who all beleive in her and show her that everyday..My family highly recommmends XKMA!"Sabrina Marrero
  • "My son had been dismissed from 4 after school programs in 1 year due to his ADHD behaviors and I was running out of options. Then I found Xtreme Kicks...my son is thriving! Ramon has worked with my son and has not given up on his ability to become awesome. The staff is great and easy to work with. So grateful God opened this for for me and my baby. Thank you all!!"Christina Ann
  • "Great atmosphere, awesome staff, great fun and affordable. Mr Ramon and Mrs Jessica are wonderful. Very caring and supportive of the children. Would recommend to every parent who's looking for a school for there child to learn martial arts."Michael Bryant
  • "My daughter Melina attends the after school and the summer camp and he loves going to Xtreme kicks Martial Arts. Mr.Ramon is amazing with kids and keeps a great communication with parents. I'm a single parent and he as great hours for working parents that want their kids to do extra activities"Monica Sanders
  • "Xtreme Kicks Martial Arts is great! I love the dedication and passion Mr Ramon shares . I am thankful for all the good they've done to my kid because of his comprehensive education and training. I 'd definitely would recommend this school"Mariana Djuro-Stürup
  • "My son only attended xtreme karate for about 3 months, and I'm fully pleased with the service, the professors are kind and have lots of patience with the kids. He was picked up from school and taken to the facility, My sons autistic and it was hard for him to fully participate and focus in group classes so I had to remove him. However I would consider private classes in the future. Would definitely recommend."Noemy Chaljub
  • "My daughter loves Xtreme Kicks Martial Arts! She struggles making friends and prefers to be home with her bools and video games. Xtreme Kicks creates an environment where she feels a sense of belonging. She has made many friends there and has learned about discipline and the importance of physical exercise. I am so thankful for this program! I highly recommend it!"Juanita Santos
  • "My son Alejandro is now 15, but ever since he was 4 yrs of age, Mr. Ramon has been an important part of his life. Starting karate at the age of 4 and teaching my son how to be fair, but at the same time how to fight for what you really trully want through martial arts. This school is run by a family who will open their doors to your children and will make you feel like you are part of their family. Not only he is an amazing instructor but he lives what he teaches too. Will recomend this school to any patents who would want to see their kids thive!!!"Rosanne Bartolomei
  • "My 11 year old son loves it, he has been part of the XKMA family for over 2 years now and has made tremendous improvement not only on his health and fitness but in his character. I am extremely happy with the improvement my son has made so far, and keeps making. Not only in my opinion but in school as well, which is very important. I recently also enrolled my 4 year old son as well and he really likes it. I appreciate the effort and dedication on the staff specially the instructors, Great place for kids!!!! I am also part of the cardio program. Could not pick a better place!!!"Lisandra Acevedo
  • "My daughter has been with Xtreme Kicks for 3 years now. I am so grateful for this place. My daughter has learned so much and has gained so much confidence in herself. The instructors are great, they work so well with the kids! When my daughter is struggling In an area I can count on them to help her out. Also the instructors encourage the kids to do well in school and home. I appreciate them and all they have done for my daughter. Xtreme Kicks has a great atmosphere my daughter and I love it there."Nicole Molina
  • "As a parent, I got my son started with karate at the age 4. At Xtreme kicks, my son found karate training a way to learn commitment, goal setting, the importance of staying in shape, and how to work hard while actually having fun. Life always throws responsibilities and obstacles our way and makes us align and balance our lives. Xtreme kicks showed my son that he can gain responsibilities and overcome obstacles. Every class my son participated in, was a result of Mr. Ramon and Mr. Aquino taking the time and the effort to juggle their own busy lives and issues to come to the dojo and teach Karate,discipline, and dealing with life’s situations. Xtreme kicks provides strength in the mind and the body for adults and kids."Chris McCall
  • "Xtreme Kicks Martial Arts has made a big difference in my son's life. Mr. Ramon has been my son's karate teacher since he was 5 years old. He has been diagnosed with severe ADHD and intermittent explosive behavior, and even though some schools, karate teachers and other professionals have given up on my son, Mr. Ramon never did. He has taken my son under his wing and worked with him like any other person has. He always believed that my son was capable to go way and beyond he thought he could, and finally he got his Black Belt this year. Mr. Ramon, is not only his karate teacher, but he is a mentor and a role model for my son. He's a great listener and also adviser.I'm very grateful with Mr. Ramon and staff for always believing in my son and help me as a single mom on this journey.God bless you all,"Maria Ramos-Hernandez
  • "I am thrilled that I found this dojo! My son was very nervous when he started with Sensei Ramon, he made him feel very comfortable. My son is learning so much, being exposed to a new culture, exercising, and much more, all while having fun! As a parent, I know that I can rely on Sensei Ramon to safely pick up my child from school and provide after school programs while not having to worry about rushing from work to pick my son up. They have flexible hours and reasonable prices. Not only is the Sensei extremely well-trained and knowledgeable in his art, but he is also especially gifted in working with children and teaching. He makes it very fun, but demands the respect and appropriate behavior from his students. My son has learned how to respect and appreciate others in home and at school. Sensei Ramon also offers Parents Night Out, as well as Fitness Classes for parents and Summer Programs. This dojo is not only for my son but for the entire family. I must say it was a great choice and perfect fit for my family.
    Sincerely,"Adriana Nichols
  • "Sensei Ramón,
    Thank you so much for presenting such an amazing martial arts program!Parents,My son has been taking classes here for almost 3 years and it has been a 100% positive experience for him. Isaac has become more coordinated, focused, confident, and mature in all he does. Xtreme Kicks has instructors who are excellent role-models. They offer discipline and well structured classes promoting physical coordination and awareness.As a parent I also enjoy taking classes here. Both instructors work well together and with all their young and adults students alike. Each instructor brings their own strengths and experiences offering their unique style to structured classes.If you're searching for a martial arts program that will encourage a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally ensuring increased strength and mental clarity then look no further. Xtreme Kicks offers classes made up of disciplined hard work with colorful splashes of laughable moments."Jessie Beltrán
  • "My son was lucky enough to meet Mr. Ramon De La Cruz when he became an instructor at his martial arts school. As an eight year old boy he loved martial arts and with Mr. Ramon he learned a lot about forms, technique and the difference between right and wrong. When Mr. Ramon decided to open Xtreme Kicks Martial Arts, we made the decision that we wanted our son to continue learning from the best, and that is Mr. Ramon. Even though the school wasn't close by our home we knew it was worth the drive to have our son continue to train with him. We have never regretted this decision. My son is now thirteen and received both his first and second dan black belts through XKMA. He attended several years of summer camp and as a parent I always knew my son was well cared for and happy during this time. Mr. Ramon teaches martial arts, but there are many other things my son learned from him as well. He is a role model and all the students listen as he encourages them to always do their best work, in school and at home. We are extremely grateful that our son has had such an incredible person in his life for all these years. The lessons he's learned from Mr. Ramon will last him a lifetime."Melissa Colon

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